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#12 Super Solar Storm: 4 Major Scenarios When Global Internet Collapse.

Solar superstorms have been all over the news and was a trending topic all over social media last week.

Sounds like a sci-fi plot straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster, isn’t it?

But, let’s get real for a moment and pivot to a more grounded yet critical discussion: what happens if we face a global internet blackout?

Note: This isn’t about fear-mongering; it’s a call for strategic foresight and preparedness.

It’s not just about solar storms. Remember how COVID-19 caught us off guard? We can’t afford to make the same mistake. This isn’t about fear. It’s about being prepared, thinking ahead, and staying one step in front of potential crises.

This image made available by NASA in November 2015 shows an artist’s rendering of a solar storm hitting the planet Mars and stripping ions from the planet’s upper atmosphere. (Goddard Space Flight Center/NASA/AP)

1. Communication Collapse

The most immediate and stark impact would be on communication. Imagine a world without emails, social media, and instant messaging services. The very fabric of how businesses and individuals interact would be torn apart.

  • Misinformation. Further complications arise with an information blackout. Without access to reliable news, misinformation could spread unchecked, fueling panic and confusion.
  • Unemployment. The ripple effect would be profound. Remote work would become impossible, severely impacting numerous industries, especially those dependent on digital platforms for their operations. This could lead to a surge in unemployment as businesses struggle to adapt.


2. Financial Chaos

Financial systems would face a severe crisis. Without access to online banking and digital transactions, routine activities like bill payments or money transfers would become challenging tasks.

  • Cash Crunch:A rush for physical cash might skyrocket, leading to panic withdrawals from banks. Unfortunately, banks might not be equipped to handle such a sudden demand, leaving many without access to their funds.
  • Stock Market Collapse: A network failure would stop trading on major stock exchanges, triggering widespread investment withdrawals.


3. The Ripple Effect on Logistics

Transport and logistics would also be heavily disrupted.

Ridesharing services, delivery of goods, and general shipping operations would face significant delays and inefficiencies, causing a domino effect on various sectors of the economy.

Many traffic lights are internet-connected. If they fail, the police would need to manage traffic manually, leading to potential chaos on the roads.



4. Water and Energy

A significant portion of our water supply is digitally monitored. In the event of a blackout, control station sensors would fail, potentially leading to blocked pipes to prevent contamination.

The electricity grid also relies on the internet. A failure could result in a blackout. Although Swissgrid has contingency plans, it’s crucial to note that the electricity grid would lose its “smart” capabilities.




Expert Opinion:

We’ve only used a solar superstorm as an example here. While a complete internet outage is relatively rare, it’s not impossible. Various reasons, such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, government actions, glitches, or issues in global internet backbone connections, could lead to such disruptions.


What are the best platforms and tools for communicating during an internet blackout crisis?

In the event of a total internet outage, traditional means of communication such as landline phones, radio, and television become critical. However, these methods may also be affected if they rely on internet infrastructure for certain functions.

That’s why we need backup systems to mitigate the impact of potential internet outages. But more importantly, governments and organizations must take measures to strengthen the resilience of internet infrastructure against potential threats.




Let’s face it. The idea of reverting to a pre-internet era isn’t just an inconvenience; it represents a paradigm shift in how we conduct our businesses and lives.

This scenario highlights a critical aspect of our modern existence and our profound reliance on technology. We are so intertwined with the internet that with its sudden absence would be more than an inconvenience; it would be a crisis of unimaginable scale.

As leaders, we must ponder:

  • How resilient are our organizations in the face of such digital disruptions?
  • What contingency plans do we have in place?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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Join 175K+ readers of the Clifftide Times. Every Wednesday morning, we send insights from historical crises and our experience in assisting companies with crisis communications.

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