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Ever been handed a live grenade?

Metaphorically, that’s what happened to me in 2008.

As Head of Corporate Communication in one of the biggest hospital in Switzerland.

I was suddenly thrust into the world of crisis communication, an arena I knew nothing about.

From grappling with outdated resources to passionately mastering the domain, I took on a master’s program and emerged with a published, award-winning thesis on crisis communication.

Fast Forward 2015...

I launched Nagy Health Communication. 

Soon after, I was thrown into the deep end, mitigating a high-stakes PR challenge, steering a psychiatric hospital away from a potential disaster following a significant confidentiality breach.

In the same year, I found myself at the forefront of academic innovation.

HWZ University & MAZ – Institute for Journalism and Communication as Director and Lecturer of CAS Media Relations

Where I transformed media relations and crafted courses for modern communicators.

Lucerne University & MAZ – Institute for Journalism and Communication as the Study Director of CAS Health Communication:

Where I launched Switzerland’s premier Health Communication Master’s course, and was appointed as an exam expert.

2019 fueled my passion

I co-founded a firm with the renowned journalist and talented lecturer, Uwe Stolzmann.

Together, we established Nagy Stolzmann, where our combined expertise became a sanctuary for clients during their most challenging times.

In due course, Uwe gravitated towards text courses, while I increasingly attracted crisis management clients.

This evolution led to the birth of Iron Dome, a forefront in crisis communication, enhanced by cutting-edge digital tools.

By 2022, recognizing our unique expertise, Uwe and I chose to pursue our individual journeys.


I'm more than just a voice.

I lead the crisis communication field, often headlining corporate events and guiding clients across sectors from health to finance.

↳ My proactive strategies have become industry benchmarks, and top CEOs look to me for navigating their most challenging hours.

Every crisis brings a lesson, and I don’t just serve businesses; I’m reshaping how industries approach, handle, and learn from crises.

↳ I mentor upcoming talents, emphasizing the broader societal implications of robust crisis management.

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Won Battles & Mitigated Risks for these Brands

Crisis Management is a Game of Chess.

I am your Queen, your strongest protector against a rapidly evolving adversary. In a volatile world, reputational risk lurks in every move, it’s my duty to outmaneuver, outwit, and ensure you remain unscathed.

As Warren Buffett wisely remarked...

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

Don’t let those five minutes redefine your legacy.

Safeguard your legacy; be prepared.

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